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Monday, September 1, 2014


Bistro Latino we serve
wines and Small bytes in harlem , Tio Luca is a much happier way of enjoying
Wine according to Uncle Luca. Wine, Food, Friends and Family is all related to
a festive occasion, without the formalism and rules around wine. Uncle Luca
used to say "Drink the wine you like with the food you choose and you will
never be wrong." This is the philosophy to be followed at Tio Luca 's
Restaurant, our motto is to provide a comfortable
dining experience to our patrons where they can blend ambience, wine, food and
a good time at their tables.

Tio Luca Bistro Latino cuisine defined as modern
Latin Small Plates "Tapas" Consisting of contemporary and classic
tapas menu ideas, incorporating the traditional Latin flavors and the creative
mind of our cooking team putting together fresh ingredients of world cooking.
Tio Luca will make the perfect choice for your Harlem Tapas dining adventure.

Tio Luca Bistro Latino Bar  provides a selection of Wines from South and
North America as well as hand crafted Sangria made with fresh local market
products as well as a great selection of beers from around the world and our
cocktail list on Champagne base.

Tio Luca - Uncle Luca Was an errant in our
continent, moving from place to place, always landing where good food and good
drinks where provided, an artisan man who appreciates the diversity of people,
cultures and history from all and each place.

All of us at Tio Luca's, put together this idea of
bringing back Uncle Luca 's passion for food, wine and people. The fascinating
history of Harlem is bringing places such as Tio Luca to be part of the community,
honoring the multicultural influence and also as a celebration to the diversity
and the good taste of Harlem residents. Cheers! Salud ! Sa de! Chin Chin!

The word 'tapas' is synonymous with Latin cuisine.
Latin tapas are usually deemed as a wide variety of small plates whether
delicious snacks, finger foods, appetizers, or just a small portion of a
special dish in Latin cuisine. Tapas have evolved through Latin history in
Harlem by incorporating ingredients and influences from many different cultures
and countries. Most of the Iberian Peninsula was invaded by the Romans, who
introduced the olive and irrigation methods. The invasion of the North African
Moors in the 8th century brought almonds, citrus fruits and fragrant spices.
The influence of their 700-year presence remains today, especially in
Andalusia. The discovery of the New World brought the introduction of tomatoes,
sweet and chili peppers, maize (corn) and potatoes to euro returning to the
Americas as tapas, Now’s days These were readily accepted in New York and
easily place in our Tio Luca’s menu.
TIO LUCA unique concept of Tapas dining in the Harlem area brings the
traditional Latin tapas flavors together with fresh local offerings and the
refined ingredients of world cooking. It truly is heaven on a small plate!
Whether you choose to savor our long-standing traditional tapas menu favorites
or select from our featured globally inspired tapas dishes with contemporary
twist. a spectrum of TIO LUCA signature tapas menu items await you - full of
savory aromas and mouth-watering flavors that will satisfy the most discerning
palates. You won't find a more gratifying and more flavorful tapas dining
experience in the Harlem area. Our inspired collection of eclectic tapas
offerings, from rustic simplicity of Latin tapas recipes to exotically
flavored, spicy tapas dishes, combined with our extraordinary selection of
wines sangrias and cocktails, makes TIO LUCA Cocina and Vino Bar the perfect
choice for your Harlem dining adventure.
You will surely delight in the highest level of culinary finesse that
TIO LUCA is known for while enjoying the warm and colorful ambiance of our
Tapas evenings amid and beautiful sounds of Latin Jazz  music crated only for Tio Luca’s ambience.
Tio Luca is a harmony of all the finest and rarest ingredients found
from around the North, Central and South America. Both Tio Luca’s menu and
design concept are a blend of traditional times. Authentic and avant-garde
ingredients are combined to suit every palate. The overall décor is filled with
customary mixture interior accents, complimented with a contemporary ambiance.
Tio Luca’s concept is well-defined as sophisticated as casual dining—in which
the producer and customer are brought together in celebration—with the best in
service and cutting-edge yet serene aesthetics. The Tio Luca’s team has carefully
selected the best American products available in the U.S. Other Latin
condiments and Latin roots such as yucca, Chimichurry sauce and 6 varieties of
Avocados are also carefully selected, special for TIO LUCA cuisine. Our kitchen
has a team of selected chefs managed by the celebrity Chef Carlos La Cruz —chef
slogan “the ingredients are the stars” and he create a daily Artisan Food specials
main courses to surprise Tio Luca’s guests.

TIO LUCA will offer an exclusive wine list
offerings of wine that perfectly compliment the cuisine as well as a exclusive

Tio Luca’s client-centric vision places every
single patron as the center of attention. We pride ourselves in making every individual
feel appreciated and valued. Tio Luca’s amenities provide a “vacation” where
clients will always have a desire to return to harlem.

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