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Friday, September 12, 2014



Enjoy our music at home . 1 hour of beautiful instrumental and relaxing Latin Music.
Wine Bar and Small Plates Tio Luca is a much happier way of enjoying Wine according to Uncle Luca. Wine, Food, Friends and Family is all related to a festive occasion, without the formalism and rules around wine.  Uncle Luca used to say "Drink the wine you like with the food you choose and you will never be wrong." This is the philosophy to be followed at Tio Luca 's Restaurant, our motto is to provide a comfortable dining experience to our patrons where they can blend ambience, wine, food and a good time at their tables.

Tio Luca Cocina; defined as modern Latin Small Plates "Tapas"Consisting of contemporary and classic tapas menu ideas, incorporating the traditional Latin flavors and the creative mind of our cooking team putting together fresh ingredients of world cooking.  Tio Luca will make the perfect choice for your Harlem Tapas dining adventure.

 Tio Luca Vino Bar provides a selection of Wines from South and North America as well as hand crafted Sangria made with fresh local market products as well as a great selection of beers from around the world and our cocktail list on Champagne base.

 Tio Luca - Uncle Luca Was an errant in our continent, moving from place to place, always landing where good food and good drinks where provided, an artisan man who appreciates the diversity of people, cultures and history from all and each place. All of us atTio Luca's, put together this idea of  bringing back Uncle Luca 's passion for food, wine and people. The fascinating history of Harlem is bringing places such as Tio Luca to be part of the community, honoring the multicultural influence and also as a celebration to the diversity and the good taste of Harlem residents

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