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Monday, August 18, 2014

Homebound Official Trailer

We are proud of our Mission: to take the Venezuelan events, films and
cuisine to every single corner of the world, create food festivals
related with every single Venezuelan holiday and it is food all around
the world, because
Venezuela is a country to love. SABE A VENEZUELA...CLC

En este caso le pedimos todo su apoyo como venezolanos a este esfuerzo
de mucho trabajo y gran voluntad de nuestra hermana Venezolana
Fanny Veliz aquí está el link para la compra de tickets te necesitamos
los venezolanos en New york sin duda alguna apoyaran el talento
venezolano en el exterior
Name Fanny Veliz
E-mail address:
Award Winning Indie Film “Homebound” comes to NYC

For one night only. Filmmaker Fanny Véliz brings Hollywood to the heart
of the US. Los Angeles, CA – July 31st, 2014 – Writer/Director and
actress Fanny Véliz raised production funds to shoot her first feature
film, Homebound last year, through the increasingly popular internet
crowd funding method. Now that the film is complete she is turning to
the community once again with a unique concept. “The goal is to show to
Hollywood that there’s a hungry audience out there ready for a film like
HOMEBOUND.” Says Veliz “It is about empowering the community to empower
filmmakers to tell the Latino stories Hollywood chooses to neglect. To
do this the filmmaker has decided to use the web platform” 7
screenings of the film have already taken place in El Paso, Chicago,
Austin, Atlanta, San Antonio, Fresno, and Los Angeles. And now the
filmmaker is working on having a screening in NYC for August 18th at the
AMC Loews 34th St. For tickets and information:
TUGG is a crowdsourcing platform that gives people the ability to bring
the movies to their local movie theater without any up-front-costs.
“I’m committed to helping transform the image of Latinos in the media by
telling stories that aren’t usually told,” says Veliz. “We are all used
to seeing stories of immigration, gangs, and other stereotypes, this
film shows another side of the American Latino. Homebound is an American
story, a human story told with an American Latino cast.” Homebound
tells the story of Richard Lynn, a successful young Latino business

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