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Saturday, April 19, 2014


'Venezuela Dies And You Stay Silent Venezuela is currently a housing
ground for criminals on a rampage. Conditions in Venezuela have gotten
exponentially worse in the past 23 days of what should have been pacific
protests. If the US, UN, and OAS were to stay true to their principles
of defending and promoting democracy they would stand with the people of
Venezuela. Sadly, they haven't. Through social media the repression is
being documented now more than ever. To incarcerate and kill dissidents
is typical dictator ploy to shut the people up; thus shut out the rest
of the world. Our safety in the United States is also directly tied to
the safety and freedom of Venezuela. For the record, I'm not insinuating
take a flight to Caracas and throw grenades at the National Guard. Or
play Rambo and knock the bad guys out (though secretly I would love for
this to happen). I'm simply saying, please do not sit idle while people
are unjustly being shot in the head, beaten, and tortured so close to
our home.
How can we help?
Worldwide solidarity campaign will
greatly influence the amount of aid Venezuela receives. Our government
needs to know that we want freedom for our brothers and sisters in
Venezuela. With the click of a button millions of people have access to a
plethora of information. By using our friend the World Wide Web, and
social media we can be a direct link to foreign aid. It is the perfect
platform for our voices to be heard. Let's contact our policy makers,
and use social media to the fullest extent. Countless civilians are
being detained every day, and by putting their names and faces on the
map we can put a name to the struggle. People look to the United States
for leadership, from home we can help reach a wider audience. Thousands
of people wanting justice is not enough, we need to be heard in the
masses. If all it takes is a simple call, email, tweet to influence our
politicians then why not want to help? The Venezuelan people should know
they are not alone. We are on the right side of history we just need to
speed it up, because Venezuela is dying. Jenny Blando
The brutal
régimen Castro comunista And the brutal opresión of Maduro's
dictatorialship are killing, torturing, disappearing, violating our
students and civilians.
My family and friends who are still living in
diferentes cities in the country are telling me that the policy, Gnb
and colectivos are draging people out of their house in the middle of
the night. They do this to people they suspect think different than
Maduro government.
They trow tear gas in residential buildings where civilians, children's and seniors are being getting hurt.
Venezuelan canciller in the OES says that they can't allowed
international intervention in Venezuela but how do you call the fact
that cuban's trops and Russians are the one giving the orders in the
venezuelan's army force?
Venezuelan people wants to leave in freedom. They are fitting and dying for that!
Thank you for trying to help our Venezuelan people that are in the front lines with just a sign!
let's do what we can and take to help our country Venezuela and let's
not turn our backs at them the way that the rest of the presidents in
the continent did!
God help us all!

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