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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Consuelo Luxury high end cocktails collection "Como Pocas" In honor to Miss International 1997 Consuelo Adler

Consuelo Adler "Como Pocas"

 (born in Caracas,Venezuela) is a top model and became the second Miss International from her country in 1997. The pageant was held in Kyoto Kaikan First Hall in Kyoto, Japan, where she was crowned Miss International 1997.

Chef Carlos La Cruz Luxury high end cocktail In honor to Miss International 1997  Consuelo Adler

2oz. Dama tequila
1oz. Elderflower
3.4oz. Sugar cane paste juice *
 1 Squeezed lime wedge
1oz Passion fruit puree
1oz Agave Nectar
Passion fruit pulp with seeds
a espresso spoon of Passion fruit caviar

Preparation : 
Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker
with ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled, 10oz high ball glass Splash of Top Shelf Champagne

*Sugar cane paste juice:
Rinse sugar cane paste bars  and grind down it  into pieces to better dissolve. Pour into a glass jar pieces and add fresh water to dissolve. Add a cup of pure lemon juice. Expects the sugar cane paste falls completely apart and mix well. Add  1 lemon slices and  1 lemon peels  for better citrus flavor

   Collection “Como Pocas”
Created by Chef Carlos La Cruz for Dama Tequila

Chef Carlos La Cruz

Only for the
worlds first luxury Tequila created
by women for women
… and the men who love them

DAMA™ Tequila –
Her Story…

Founded by Philip Delacruz and the team at DAMA Brand International.
DAMA Tequila is the world’s first female luxury tequila
created by women for women™ .
DAMA the perfect compliment to any celebration.

Da-ma in Spanish means female. The finest Eco-sensitive,
100% organic blue agave formula, tastefully crafted by the delicate palate of a
woman, but pleasingly strong enough for men, with a selected charity built into
every bottle.

DAMA is a luxury tequila that is first in its class. She
speaks to the discriminating tequila connoisseur that demands nothing less than

The first luxury tequila made for women by women is a
feminine powerhouse…a symbol of confident, womanly wisdom that maintains a
smooth elegance instilled by the women who created it and appreciated by the
men who drink it.

DAMA Tequila…strong enough for him, smooth enough for
her. DAMA refuses to compromise quality on any level and taste is no exception.
Made from 100% blue weber agave, one sip by the discerning tequila aficionado
and DAMA’s mark of distinction is instantly evident having respected the time
honored process in making an exceptional tequila.

The DAMA experience is smooth regardless of its class.
Whether you enjoy savoring the blanco, anejo, or reposado, your personal DAMA
encounter will provide a silky, smooth warmth with the perfect amount of
intensity to ignite your inner tequila passion.

Like the tequila itself, the DAMA bottle is in a class
all its own. Exquisite sophistication resembling the women who designed it, the
DAMA Tequila bottle is a collector’s conversation piece that will continue to
grace one shelf long after the last sip.

DAMA Tequila was created for both women and men who
recognize and celebrate excellence. Never losing site of its feminine origin,
DAMA supports women issues in the US and abroad and created the annual “DAMA
Dominance” awards to acknowledge distinguished women around the world for
having made a significant mark in society through their own personal drive and
passion or for having come to the aide of others and helping them achieve their
own “DAMA Dominance” in life.

DAMA continues its mark of distinction with which insists upon an eco-friendly tequila production beginning
with the soil from the hills of Jalisco to the tequila itself bottled in a
handcrafted work of art. DAMA4Cause supports the people who take great care in
the making of this superior spirit and proudly gives back to the people and
their land from which it was produced.

DAMA Tequila is a luxury not to be missed…experience the
elegance of DAMA       Chef Carlos La Cruz

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