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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


"Cooking with Carlos" Come join us on our epicurean adventure as Chef Carlos La Cruz leads us through the beautiful melting pot of New York City,showcasing and critiquing amazing restaurants. What better place to take this adventure than in the incredible culturally enfused Island of Manhattan.
  has been long referred to as Redwood trees known for their large size. The tree, also known as coast or California redwood, produces a beautiful wood that was used in the great and fresh redwood’s design with a menu that is simply prepared and associated with a sense of home or contentment. Redwood presents a modern American comfort, a traditional cooking technique using the best and high quality fresh ingredients form the farm to the table.  Redwood is a brand and an image of high quality environment that delivers the quality of exceptional things:  outstanding food, brilliant diner design and Great service.  Redwood is a harmony of all the finest and rarest ingredients found in our local farms.  Both Redwood’s menu and design concept are a blend of traditional times.  Authentic and avant-garde ingredients are combined to suit every palate.  The overall décor is filled with customary diner interior accents, complimented with a contemporary ambiance. Redwood’s concept is well-defined as sophisticated as casual dining—in which the producer and customer are brought together in celebration—with the best in service and cutting-edge yet serene aesthetics.  The Redwood executive chef has carefully selected the best American Farms products available in the U.S. selected, special for redwood cuisine. Our kitchen has a team of selected staff managed by the star chef Rebecca Weitzman winner of the most prestigious cooking programs in Food Network (chopped) Chef lemma: “the ingredients are the stars” , the restaurant offer wines that perfectly compliment the cuisine –. Redwood also offers varieties of cocktails designed by Erica Krumbein with a original Wisconsin touch, and locals beers and amenities available by either glass or bottle perfectly matching the menu dishes,
Blending ultra Traditional design with ancient old Times details, the end result is truly astonishing: airstreams Bar creating walls overlooking the main dining room with a real Diner contemporaneous look,  banquets with soaring backs with original Cadillac seat fabric provide an intimate setting for pre-dinner cocktails. And the Big tables will invite you to interact with the friendly Networkers. The airstream  bar is The centerpiece and the floor also features a unique music selected only for the venue, elevated over a beautiful design, the unique cartoon floor, the highest grade Redwood materials, and the artistic integrity were upheld in the construction of Redwood .  The Restaurant Operation is directed for the General Manager Carlos La Cruz and is the new best concept in diner in the city of New York
Redwood continuously strives to leave a memorable impression by welcoming, serving and thanking each guest with the utmost genuine and personalized hospitality.”

Venezuelan Chef Carlos La Cruz present: Redwood Kitchenette and Bar Executive Chef Rebecca Weitzman

Venezuelan Chef Carlos La Cruz present: Redwood Kitchenette and Bar Executive Chef Rebecca Weitzman

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